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Although theyre often thought of atomic number 3 a new ethereum price news today slew cryptocurrencies take been In development for a long time Bitcoin the to the highest degree well-known cryptocurrency was launched in 2009 More than 2000 cryptocurrencies are active voice on the international market

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Our point in this study was to try out and place technical attributes that contribute to creating swear among the users’ in the cryptocurrency domain. To do this, we exploited the applied science trust model proposed past Lankton et aluminium. ( 2014) and focussed along three distinct bank constructs: functionality, dependability, and helpfulness. We used these constructs to identify the specific attributes that put up to trust in the ethereum price news today technologies subjacent cryptocurrencies (i.e., the blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet, and exchanges). As for the empirical depth psychology, we decided to focus along Bitcoin, because it is the oldest and the to the highest degree widely secondhand cryptocurrency in the market. To take in information, we extracted 1.97 million posts from vitamin A popular cryptocurrency assembly The analysis drew on vitamin A paragraph transmitter simulate termed doc2vec (Le and Mikolov 2014), which produces a semantical representation of wrangle and posts. This allowed us to represent the semantically most relevant attributes with the three bank constructs.

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